All four departments of the School of Science are located in Minami-Osawa campus. Accordingly, please take a train on the Keio Sagamihara Line and head toward the nearest train station, the Minami-Osawa station.(--> Go to map)

For those coming from overseas

If you are visiting Minami-Osawa campus from abroad, we recommend staying at Keio Plaza Hotel Tama (, which is a minute’s walk from Tama Center station, because the hotel is accessible by airport limousine bus and offers a special discount due to contract with Tokyo Metropolitan University. Tokyo Metropolitan University is only two stops from Tama Center station by train.

From Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport, airport limousine buses operated by Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd. are available ( There are eight buses departing from Narita Airport and about 10 buses departing from Haneda Airport every day. Please check the website of Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd. for information regarding fees and detailed timetables.

The limousine buses from Narita or Haneda Airport always make a brief stop first at Tama Center station and then at Minami Osawa station. Accordingly, if you would like to visit the university before checking in to the hotel, please get off at Minami Osawa station, not at Keio Tama Center station. The prices are the same.

To get to Tokyo Metropolitan University from Keio Plaza Hotel Tama, we recommend using the train. Take a train on the Keio Sagamihara Line bound for Hashimoto, and get off at Minami-Osawa station. It is two stops on a local train and one stop on an express train.

For those traveling within Japan

Please use route search software on the Internet for directions to Minami-Osawa station

Campus map

or a bird’s eye view of the university campus, please refer to the following page (--> Go to map).

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