AIRPORT Limousine

Airport bus via Shinjuku

Cost: about 3500 yen
Duration: about 2 hours (depending on traffic conditions)

1. Take the "Friendly Airport Limousine" bus to Shinjuku. This stops at various hotels in the Shinjuku area. The cost of a ticket is about 3000 yen .

2. Go to Shinjuku station and follow the directions from Shinjuku to Minami-Ohsawa by train, as in "the fast and easy way".

There are also airport bus services to other parts of Tokyo and Yokohama, including major hotels.

Airport bus to Minami Ohsawa

Cost: 3400 yen
Duration: 140-165 minutes (depending on traffic conditions).

Take the "Friendly Airport Limousine" bus direct from Narita Airport to Minami-Ohsawa railway station.

FROM MINAMI-OHSAWA TO NARITA AIRPORT: There are currently 3 departures in the early morning, and 3 departures in the early afternoon, from bus stop number 6 outside Minami-Ohsawa railway station. Journey time is 145-175 minutes. Reservations are recommended.

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