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Narita Airport and Tokyo Metropolitan University are on opposite sides of Tokyo, which is a very large city. However you do it, the journey takes at least 2 hours. Thus, it may be a good idea to relax a little at the airport after arrival. If you are not being met, you may want to telephone your Japanese host. Telephones accept cards and/or coins; you can buy telephone cards ("telephone cardo") from machines near some telephones, or from newspaper stalls. To call a number in TMU from Narita you have to enter a number of the form 042 677 XXXX.

When you are ready to leave the airport, consider the following possibilities. It is also possible to go by car, of course, in particular if your host picks you up at the airport - but be prepared to be confined to the car for much more than 3 hours, when traffic is heavy! Taxis are impractical for such long trips.

One reason to prefer going by car rather than by train is if you are staying in Japan for a long visit and have a lot of heavy luggage. However, even if you are not being met by car, you can send the heaviest items by delivery service (eg the "ABC" company, located in each terminal building). It costs around 1500 yen per item; you will need the address of TMU - English is acceptable. This may seem expensive, but you will not regret it. Your luggage will be delivered reliably to TMU the next day. The same applies when returning to the airport.

The information below mainly concerns trains, as these provide frequent services from early morning to late at night.

There is a railway station in each terminal building. Just follow the signs for "JR" (Japan Railways) or "Keisei" (Keisei Company). Both of these companies have trains to the centre of Tokyo, and both have ticket offices where English is spoken.

The fast and easy way (Narita Express to Shinjuku, Keio Line to Minami-Ohsawa)  

The cheap way (Keisei Line, Yamanote Line, Keio Line)

Comments and further details on airport trains

General comments on trains and subways in Tokyo for TMU visitors

Airport bus (to Tokyo, or direct to Minami-Ohsawa)  

To go back to Narita Airport by train, just follow the above directions in reverse - the only complication is that you cannot buy a Narita Express ticket at Minami-Ohsawa station. You can buy it at Shinjuku, but Narita Express trains are often sold out on the day of travel. In that case you can buy a "standing ticket", but it is preferable to buy a ticket a few days in advance, e.g. at the travel counter in the TMU campus shop. To go back to Narita Airport by bus: there are currently 3 departures in the early morning, and 3 departures in the early afternoon, from bus stop number 6 outside Minami-Ohsawa railway station. Reservations are recommended.

This page was originally provided by Prof. Martin Guest, now a professor of Waseda University. Corrections and suggestions concerning this information are welcome. Please send a message to Yutaka Okabe, okabe (at), Dean of Graduate School of Science and Engineering.